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This page collects suggestions for new features from the users of the program.

If you have an idea for a feature that should be added to Extcalc, please send a email to rainer1223@users.sourceforge.net. You will receive a short answer what will happen with your suggestion.

Before you make a suggestion, please have a look at the planned features list.

Planned Features

This is a list of the features that will be integrated into Extcalc during the beta state.
The main features have been integrated during the alpha phase.

  • add calculator support for reverse polish notation (RPN)
  • optimization of the script interpreter and graph drawing methods
  • symbolic calculation with systems of linear equations
  • optimize graphics window for long graphs
  • show syntax errors in calculator and graph functions
  • integration of Qt 4 layout management

New Features

This features have already been integrated into Extcalc during beta state.
  • Port to QT 4
  • redesigned user interface of all tabs
  • reorganisation and optimization of the calculator and script preprocessor functions
  • precise error messages
  • import/export function for graphs
  • comment line in function table
  • usage of logic operations and script commands for graph drawing and analysis
  • integrate list of numeric constants
  • open help file in an integrated browser
  • multithreading for graph calculation
  • optimization of the script parser methods

Main Features

This features have been integrated during the alpha phase.

  • user interface for calculator
  • user interface for graphics
  • mathematical parser with scientific functions
    • standard functions (+, -, *, /, ...)
    • trigonometric functions
    • logarithms
    • roots
    • exponential functions
    • variables
    • integration
    • differential calculation
  • drawing of graphs
    • normal graphs
    • polar graphs
    • parameter function graphs
    • 3D-graphs
    • dynamic graphs
    • complex graphs
  • function graph analysis
    • calculate x-value
    • calculate roots
    • Newton's Method
    • calculate y-values
    • calculate points of intersection
    • integration
    • differential calculation
  • base-n calculatons
  • logic functions
  • tables
  • script editor
  • script management
  • script console
  • scripting commands
    • for and while loop
    • if expression
    • arrays
    • break, continue, stop keywords
    • output functions: print, setcursor, clear
    • input functions: getkey, getline, keystate
    • script commands for file usage
    • 3D-graphics interface for scripting
    • 2D-graphics interface for scripting
  • script debugging messages
  • zooming and moving graphics window
  • saving screenshots of graphics window
  • drawing into graphics window
  • complex numbers
  • matrix calculations
  • vector calculations
  • matrix and vector operation support
    • matrix and vector calculator
    • solving linear equations
    • analyse matrices and vectors
    • generate matrices and vectors
  • statistic functions
    • approximation functions
    • interpolation functions
    • statistical analysis functions

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