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Binary packages

The current version of Extcalc, available as pre-compiled binary packages is v0.9.2.
From version 0.5.0 on, both, Extcalc and Calc are avialable as a pre-compiled binary packet.
From v0.6.0 there is only one package. It includes Extcalc and Concalc.

Packet type

The binaries are available as RPM packages and as DEB packages, as these are the most common ones under Linux. The source-code tarballs are still available, and they should be used for normal installation, because this packages support more architectures and the compiled code is optimized for the target system.

Supported architectures

All packages were built on Intel 32-bit machines and they run on all Athlon and Pentium processors. If your processor and operation system supports 64-bit technology, you should use the .tar.gz package for installation. If you have any other processor (like Sparc, PowerPC, ...), you must use the source .tar.gz package.

Supported Linux distributions

A RPM package as well as a DEB package of Extcalc is available for Download. The table below shows some Linux distributions where the packages were tested, but they may also run on other distributions.

Extcalc in Debian

Extcalc is also part of the Debian distribution.
For this distributon, it is not neccesary to download files from Sourceforge.
If you want to install a binary version of Extcalc or Calc on your Debian testing machine, you can use the official package.
Please note, that Calc is a seperate binary package called concalc in Debian testing.
For more information about Debian please visit www.debian.org.
Some package information can be found here.

Package type Build System Tested and supported Systems
RPM Debian 5.0 Lenny Suse Linux 11.2, Mandriva 2010, Fedora, Core 12
DEB Debian 5.0 Lenny Debian 5.0 Lenny, Debian Testing (Squeeze), Ubuntu 9.10

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